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How to layer skincare

How to layer skincare

A step-by-step approach to radiant skin

Cleansers, masks, serums - there are numerous ways to create your skincare routine and a variety of different products to help you, however, when using your products are you layering your skincare to get the best from them?

What exactly is skincare layering?

Skincare layering is all about the order in which you apply different products, layer by layer. Not every product is suitable for your routine and using products in the right order is important. Skincare can often feel confusing, however, with a little knowledge, skincare layering is not only easy, it can also be beneficial to your skin.

A guide to improving your skincare routine

It’s important to take you skin type into consideration when adding skincare to your routine, whether you have combination, dry or oily skin. Here is a brief overview of each skincare step.

  • Cleanser: Both in the morning and in the evening, thorough cleansing is an absolute must! Whether in form of cleansing water, gel or foam: Not only does your make-up need to be removed but also sebum and other dirt/dust from the day.


  • Toner: This is an optional product within a skincare routine; it is a real all-rounder. A toner provides a cleansing booster and, with its water-like consistency, prepares the skin for the next steps in the routine.


  • Serum: A light serum is a true secret weapon, full of high-quality ingredients. Our farewell facial serums are available for a wide range of skin types; all that is needed are a few drops! Whether with hyaluronic acid, a plant-based alternative to retinol, aloe vera, madecassoside, plankton extract or panthenol - all variants are fragrance-free, vegan and not tested on animals.


  • Eye care: The delicately, thin skin around the eyes requires special care and careful handling. The farewell puffy eyes serum refreshes, cools and fights annoying puffiness and dark circles. Eye care is best applied with the tip of the ring finger and before applying a day or night cream.


  • Spot treatment: Products that target blemishes and pimples should only be applied to the affected areas in a thin layer. Pay special attention to interactions with other ingredients. Salicylic acid is often found in products to treat blemishes, but is not compatible with retinol, for example so cannot be used on the same day.


  • Moisturiser: Day and night creams are among the most important facial care steps. In addition to the extra hydration, the moisturiser provides the final layer of care and completes the routine.


  • Face oil: The use of a face oil is not a necessity; however, it keeps the applied ingredients on the skin and is therefore often applied at the end or can be used when following a home facial massage routine or using a Gua sha tool.


  • Sunscreen: Only one thing comes after day cream and/or face oil and that is sunscreen. It is highly recommended using a SPF 35 (or above) every morning as it protects your skin from the harmful effects of the UV rays.
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Further tips for enhancing your skincare

If you take the extra time to care for your skin, your face, neck and décolleté will thank you. It is not compulsory to do all these steps every day and always do allow time between steps for the products to absorb the valuable ingredients.

The essentials to have in your daily skincare routine are cleanser, serum, moisturiser and sunscreen. As a rule, for the correct order of facial care, always start with cleansing, continue with the thinner layers and gradually apply the increasingly thicker consistency products. To improve your skin's appearance, you need great products, patience, and persistence; with these you can achieve and maintain healthy radiant skin! 


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