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First step in your skincare routine – Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse!

Cleansing the skin is an essential step in a good skincare routine. A mild cleansing foam or lotion should be part of any skincare regimen to remove dirt and unwanted debris and prepare the skin for the application of other cosmetic products. The used cleansing product should not dry out or damage your skin, but gently remove dead skin cells, make-up, and excess oil.


Elure Advanced Facial Wash

Advanced Facial Wash

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When to cleanse your face:

Many experts agree that you should ideally cleanse your face twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. Cleansing your face in the morning does not only have a refreshing effect, but also helps to remove debris that has accumulated overnight.
Never skip cleansing your skin before going to bed!

If you go to bed without cleansing your skin, your skin will be more prone to blemishes and breakouts as dead skin cells, make-up and impurities can clog your pores and affect the ability of subsequent products to work properly on your skin.

Croma Skincare Tip

Cleanse your face and remove make-up before doing sports to prevent clogging your pores.

Benefits of using a facial cleanser

  • Removes make-up
  • Removes make-up
  • Hydrates your skin
  • Unclogs pores
  • Maintains a clear skin
  • Removes excess oils

Our elure™ advanced facial wash is a rich and creamy cleansing foam that effectively removes excess oil, impurities and dead skin cells, preparing the skin for the application of subsequent skincare products. When used regularly, the skin gets a more even complexion.Discover the secret to radiant, clear skin with our facial cleansers!


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